All couples in Copperclan: Edit

Poisonstar and Shallowwing- No kits.

Emberstream and Onepool- Birdstar, Eclipsetail, Midnightfog

Eclipsetail and Greyflower- Cheetahmoon, Nightflight, Cloudedeye

Eclipsetail and Secretclaw- No kits.

Brackenheart and Brownflower- Yawningfrost, Tinybelly

Tinybelly and Thistlespirit- Fawntruth, Thrushpaw

Creekscar and Silentstripe- Emberstream

Birchfeather and Birdstar- Morningcry

Mallowcall and Mintocean- Cinderstreak, Specklekit

Cinderstreak and Springclaw- No kits.

Springflight and Onebliss- Flamefang

Flamefang and Midnightfog- Birchkit

Milktruth and Autumnfrost- Secretclaw, Springclaw

Tigerlight and Dovefeather- Windkit, Maplekit, Breezefrost

Breezefrost and Shallowwing- Frozenpaw, Hailpaw, Ivorykit, Dreamkit, Yellowkit

Cheetahmoon and Leopardeye- No kits.

Spiderclaw and Tanwyclaw- Pinkwinter

Lionfur and Lilyclaw- Leopardeye

Cloudypond and Yellowear- Shallowwing, Cedargaze

Orangedawn and Ivywhisker- Yellowear, Dreameyes

Cloverspots and Dustshine

Coldspots and Littlestream

Fishflame and Cindercall

Patchfoot and Whitecall